serendipity of intimacy

There are some things my mind just can’t grasp
the emptiness of space when my eyes see stars
flooding the sky in milky streaks of lavishness.
The vastness between everything, great voids
of nothing, spans of naught, light-years between.
Earth, a blip, a dot, a grain of sand, constrained
by forces orbiting her around this tiny neighborhood.

Sometimes, I feel so alone midst these trees, hills,
valleys, rivers, the verdant richness I call home.
I move through the vacuity of air and mind
superficially aware of its abundant vacancy
looking for an ‘Other Than’ to walk with me
through this Eden of good and evil
and yet it occurs to me I’ve misunderstood.

Perhaps the unfilled parts
are filled with God and all that is
is contained within the span
of God’s own hand
then every space is crammed
with divinity, a serendipity of intimacy.

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