Time Will Tell

imaginarygarden The Tuesday Platform Imagined By Marian


I don’t think I belong to this time

I find it crude, rude, self-absorbed.

I’m bewildered, baffled, buffeted

by the human race, by the book of face.

I think I just might have to leave,

pack my bags, head off to 2223

for surely by then men will have learned

to live together in respect to each other

and to the land. At least that’s my plan.

I’ll try to get word back to you if

anything has survived when I land.


13 thoughts on “Time Will Tell

  1. Oh, I do think this sometimes too — however I usually want to go into the past, rather than speed into a future that I fear may not be as peacefully landed as you muse. But I do hope for that. And yes, I do so agree that the “book of face” can be utterly rude & ridiculous. May we keep our hearts & satisfy our souls with poetry, always. Love the Shelley quote too, one of my faves. 🙂

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  2. Looking for a brighter future I see. Well, Debi, your line “for surely by then men will have learned” is a bit optimistic. I don’t think they are capable of learning any thing good.

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