Prayer is a confusing thing to me. I feel as though I’m either giving God orders for the day or using His name as an incantation or a good luck charm. I’ll say ‘be with me today’ but hasn’t He promised to never leave me? Maybe I should turn it around and say “let me be aware of your presence today.” I pray ‘keep my loved ones safe on the road today.’ Am I asking or commanding and if they aren’t safe will I assume He didn’t hear- He was not able- I’m being punished or they are? Maybe I could say ‘I recognize all things are in your hand help me see your wisdom in your will.’ Prayer, maybe I should stop calling it that, as though it is a special, magical thing and instead think of it as a conversation. “Good mornin’, Lord, thank you for a night’s rest and promise of another day. Help me hear your still, small voice guiding me today.”

Not a command
not a magical incantation but
love breathed between us

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