Stagnation is death. If you don’t change, you die. It’s that simple. It’s that scary. Leonard Sweet

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Growing into and growing out of from birth to death. Life is a series of growing. Out of newborn into six months clothes, out of the bottle into pureed peas, out of kindergarten into first grade, and so on and so on and… That growing is expected and good and relatively easy. Then there is the growing into and out of opinions, ideas, ideals, spiritual tenets, and those can be threatening and uncomfortable. It all begins with the willingness to question, the courage to be different from peers, and a passion for Truth.

My growing out of and growing into came in my late middle years. It has been a series of grasping and letting go, of learning and unlearning, and the acceptance that there is more than this one tiny corner of the earth where I live and more ways to live in it.


Snow on the tree tops
roots spread deep underground
reaching yet grounded



19 thoughts on “Growth

  1. Yes indeed. Some old ideas still fit, some are ragged and moth eaten and need to be pitched. I do like the last sentence of this immensely. And it is so true. The haiku is excellent.

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  2. All Nautilus
    we are
    some growing
    thinner as struggle
    and challenge and
    adaptation for change..
    so many
    to grow ever
    more Nautilus
    in stately
    of sOUls
    than ever bEFore
    synergy of giving sharing
    make being human more than ever beFore..:)

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