It Was A Thing

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imaginarygarden   Bits Of Inspiration ~ Shoes  Imagined By
“Today’s challenge is to write about shoes. It could be a favorite pair, hated pair, your father’s shoes, mother’s shoes. Just go wherever your shoes take you.”

I guess I just find it odd
they say it’s becoming mod
as it was in days gone by.

On the TV console they sat
with signs of daily combat
and I have to wonder why.

Baby shoes all the rage
in bronze to signify the age
of babyhood flown by.

Now, maybe I could see
a newborn’s tiny bootie
bronzed and hung high

on a Christmas tree.
Yet, still I’d find it odd,
maudlin, I think, qualifies






18 thoughts on “It Was A Thing

  1. I agree, Debi, it was a maudlin practice. a hangover from Victorian or Edwardian tiem possibly, although I did keep a pair of Chinese slippers that were given to my daughter when she was a baby – she has half-Chinese cousins and they were brought back from Hong Kong. They were so beatiful I stuffed them with tissue paper and kept them on a shelf. I can’t for the life of me think where they’ve gone – maybe Ellen has them now.

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