ImaginaryGarden   Physics with Björn: Brownian Motion
Think about concepts like apparent randomness, of motion and of what we cannot see. Maybe you can imagine being puppeteered like pollen in a fluid, or just dance to randomness and see where you end up.


You don’t even know I’m praying for you

and I’m not even sure how it all works

but I imagine a stream of light, like infrared,

that beams from me to God and bounces

to you. Unseen, unfelt, bumping along

putting into motion molecules of love

and just because we can’t see them doesn’t

mean they don’t exist. We just don’t have

the visual field to see that warm red glow.



11 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. This is beautiful, and reminds me of a story told by a woman who experienced a near death experience. From above the earth, looking down, she saw brilliant points of light, shooting up, and asked the angel who was beside her what they were. He said they were prayers, and that the brightest ones were mothers praying for their children.

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