Miz Quickly QKJ #3
We aren’t going to write ghazal today.
But. We’re going to write something like it/them


I remember days of pain, disillusionment with you
when all I wanted to do was curl-up and die

at seventeen. Seventeen! When I was still ironing
curls from my hair, trying to fit in, wanting to be loved.

Those days I wrote your name and mine in elaborate curl-
liques of idealism, romantic novellete, rosy colored glass

but everything turned upside down, burnt in flaming words
curling like black, greasy smoke, staining the air with stench.

I sigh at the girl. At the boy. At the passionate puppy angst.
Blessed to have lived to see love uncurl like a fiddlehead fern.

8 thoughts on “

  1. Teen angst is really unruly. So much that I can identify with in your words.
    So nice to be where I am at now. Maybe a minor tweaking. But really all is very well.

    (I’ve been writing on paper…for Q and I actually wrote twelve lines, three sets of four..so at first I thought I’d done less…but were we supposed to write 5 sets of four lines? But I only pick one of my sets. As Pooh would say…’Oh, Bother.’)


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