Write On

Miz Quickly Prompt 14 “Someone has given you a fine pen.”


Years and years ago…
he gave his graduating writing students a pen
“Let this be your voice, your shout, your tongue.”
But, I am always questioning and so I wondered
at the pens to the men – fat, chunky, broad-tipped
while the women’s were dainty, light, fine-tipped.
I reasoned to myself that to his mind they fit well
the difference in anatomy between our hands
and yet at the back I feared it meant more, an
ugliness that men have a bigger stroke to write
and women a fine, delicate sensibility. I vowed
my shout would be just as loud, whether fine
lined or broad stroked, in whatever font I chose!

6 thoughts on “Write On

  1. While these days we tend to go to neutral gender definitions regarding occupations… Writer has always been all gender encompassing.
    I being a known rebel alter my handwriting purposefully. I sent some unsigned cards out and the recipient wasn’t sure it was me!

    Indeed shouting in every font with you! 🙂

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