It’s Just a Fib

Miz Quickly QKJ #24 Spiral (That’s it. You’re on your own)


adore a
numbering system?
Fibonacci in sunflowers,
pineapples and pinecones, a double set of spirals.
Shell of the chambered Nautilus and cochlea of the inner ear go round and round
Who taught efficiency of form, the Golden elements of Nature’s numbering scheme
to plants, animals, and even the human body.
8 fingers, 5 digits (each hand)
3 bones each finger
2 in thumb
1 thumb




7 thoughts on “It’s Just a Fib

  1. I really like this. I remember once playing ‘Trivial Pursuit’ and knowing I got the answer correct by stating the thumb was not a finger but a digit…and the game said I was wrong.
    I’ve never played any version of the game since…
    Grand form work!

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