I Have a Vision

The Twiglets # 8 Folding Chairs


You kept saying “I have a vision”
and I tried the best I could.
I made the cake by a picture you’d
cut from a wedding magazine. We found
the perfect dress at a secondhand store –
you embellished it with beaded straps.
Your vision was for an outdoor wedding
but it had been such a rainy season I was
worried. We booked the church ‘just in case’
over your dead body but your vision held.
I honored your wishes except for one thing.
You wanted white wooden folding chairs
but they could be found nowhere close
(and the cost!) when the church had folding
chairs for free. Ugly, I admit. Why didn’t I give in?
A mad miserly whim. A Scrooge-like bah.
But, it all worked out.
And what you never saw (but obvious to all)
was that you yourself were the vision.



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