Sigh No More My Lady

Miz Quickly IN the MOOD
Choose a piece of music, not too long, and listen to it once with attention then let it repeat a few times while you do something else—cleaning, maybe. Come back after an hour or so, listen to it again.


The day was grey when I awoke
my mood matched perfectly
decided ‘what the hay’ and put
on an album anyway. One of
my favorites. I guess it has always
been true that love is often untrue
and men unfaithful in the end
though I’ve known it to bend the
other way, too. But, how can one be
moody, let the blues rule the day
when one is singing right along
“Hey, Nonny, Nonny”
So, I’ll sigh no more but be
blithe and bonny.
Oh, William you are a devil.

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