Distilled to Simple

imaginarygarden Imagined By
I have chosen a long(-ish) poem by Pablo Neruda, which I would like you to condense to at least half the lines of the original, using your own words and any form you like, for example, a haiku, tanka or sonnet, while retaining what you think is the essence of the poem.  Poem  here


Make for me a poem
stir in, add this, add that,
then get your fingers and hands
entangled in the sweet, buttery
goodness. Knead it and let your
essence flow into the bread
my life, my love.

Drizzle golden honey, sprinkle
dates and walnuts on a crunchy
slice and let us eat our fill
for we don’t need, nay, nor want
the food of gods. We are too
earthy and simple for such
stodgy fare.




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