Sonnet #1

Miz Quickly RE-Vision
Go back to something you wrote during week 1.
Rewrite it into the form of a sonnet. Add or remove material as needed.
(How you choose to define that is up to you. Google “poem form sonnet” or “poem form modern sonnet” and come away with your own set of rules.

Original work Here

I remember sulky slate skies drizzling
from morning to late mid-day christening
the trees with blessings of sweet freshening.
Sprinklings that collected one by one
on every leaf then merged to plump dots
spilling from limb to limb in silky plops,
drops from the nozzle of a water-pot
it seemed. To a child such a boring day.
But the ground refused another swallow
and tiny rivulets joined together
and tumbled over the retaining wall
and filled the small yard with a knee deep pool
and we children sang a joyous refrain
of giggles and splashes under the sun.


Pattern I followed

Poetic Form: Sonnet
By: | January 14, 2011
Here are the general guidelines:
14-line poem.
Usually rhymes.
Often written in iambic pentameter.



3 thoughts on “Sonnet #1

  1. I don’t play well with meter or sonnets. So I did an unsonnet or modern sonnet for this prompt.
    I like what you did -brought back a memory of playing in a mud puddle (too many years ago to count back…numbers not being my forte).

    Liked by 1 person

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