A Little Salt and Vinegar

Image result for images of picklesMiz Quickly  Thursday Prompt  When to stop


I have a tale about ignorance, getting old, and being a pickle
not in a pickle, though that has happened too.
I look back at the girl I was and realize I was dim,
a 25 watt in a 100 watt world, not just naïve, innocent,
unsophisticated, but unformed.

I think there was a good deal of knowledge stored headwise,
but it was tangled, clumped in the wrong filing system,
jumbled into the junk room of my mind
hoping for a girl Friday to sort things out.

How ever did I make it this far? To old age? Or oldish at least.
A train wreck of a first marriage. An almost train wreck of another.
By 45 I was finally securely on the tracks.

My children have survived their childhoods with very little sign
of damage. Only a small amount of baggage. And they love me!

I was a Gherk-in my youth but life has preserved me to tangy sweet.


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