Can You Feel the Frustration

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MizQuickly But it Seems So Real

I am trying to reach you
I need help, you need to know,
the world is ending, sickness,
drought, pandemic, I know –
I’ll call you on the phone….No
speed dial, no number associated
with that name. I look you up in
the telephone book but I can’t
remember the numbers, I put in
two they disappear, I can never
finish the sequence… frustration,
I feel so stupid, inept, ridiculous!


This is a recurring dream. There are people in the dream, a situation happening, a cell phone (occasionally a dial phone) and a need to call for help but I can NEVER get the numbers put in!

11 thoughts on “Can You Feel the Frustration

  1. Oh…I’ve had that happen too, now that you mention it.
    Can’t get the phone to work. Very frustrating indeed.
    The face of the phone isn’t right. The numbers aren’t were they belong.

    I can only guess the dream has something to do with miscommunication.
    For me anyway some stray facts of the news. Or having a faulty memory, or being told my memory is faulty which is two different things – isn’t it?


      • Sometimes though it isn’t a fault to find or place blame (especially ourselves). There isn’t anything one can do if the other person we are trying to communicate with refuses to listen. And that can be very frustrating. What is left when one person is all talked out? Accepting that some things can’t change, or if they will change it won’t be because of anything we can or cannot do.


  2. Something in your makeup has learned that THIS gets your attention. Do you suppose you are on both ends of the phone?

    I’m happy when anyone gets anything from one of my prompts. Comes from having periods of creative itch and nothing to attach it to. I was trying to be open with this one–may have succeeded a little to well.


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