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String me along like a kite full of breeze
let me bob and dive, dance and jive,
shimmy and shake, let me rake the sky
like a broad-toothed comb entangled
in tresses of dawdling clouds
then I’ll break free from the binding
string and drift away over a sea of trees.

The Twiglets # 11 with a string prompt by  Marilyn Braendeholm


9 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. I’ve always wanted to be in a glider — fly noiseless through the sky. Great superpower to acquire!
    Your poem really gives the sense of flight — the imagery is wonderfully like free flight.


  2. I’ve flown in dreams… but sometimes there’s a kind of dome that won’t let me go beyond.
    I read your piece and think of Charlie Brown trying to fly his kite and the tree that eats the kite….

    Sometimes on vacations at the shore… the kite store has a bunch of employees on the beach flying kites. Amazing to see hundreds of kites up at a time. I wonder how many if any break free…


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