Days of Wine and Vinegar

mindlovemiserysmenagerie Tale Weaver #107 prompt by Lorraine
“This week, weave a tale with the threads of lost. “


The days have been folded up
and neatly stacked away.  Like
winter clothes, like bath towels,
like socks in a drawer, like old maps.
We take our moments for granted
and wish away our lives.  Some day
we’ll do, go, be…

Someday is here
and I can’t shake the feeling of
lost, misplaced, passé, diminished,
a redundancy of motions
reduced by
Now, just you and me.
Should be enough.


Much of the time it is, a relief,
a pleasure,
like the spring days
before they curled up
withered like autumn.
I know I don’t
have the patience,
the stamina,
the spur
to do it all again… 
So why do I feel so lost?






5 thoughts on “Days of Wine and Vinegar

  1. Wonderful musing on the feeling of being lost. The imagery is excellent. I understand too well the feelings expressed of misplacement and diminishment. We do wish away for someday — it’s arrival can be a relief or the niggling feeling that not everything has been gained.
    Thanks for participating in tale weavers. I was captured by your tale.

    Liked by 1 person

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