Early Birds

MizQuickly  lose yourself

There were six of them in the yard,
in the cold, looking bewildered by
the traces of snow and a hard wind.
What instinct had mislead them north
to give up days of warmth and flowering
trees, daffodils and soft ground where
worms played catch me if you can.
“cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheerily,
cheer up” they sing and the red, red robins
keep bob, bob, bobbing along.

4 thoughts on “Early Birds

  1. I thought our Robins in SW PA migrated…but I read somewhere that they stay all year round here. Though there are sometimes when I don’t see them. I did see some last week…as well as heard their ‘Cheery- up’ songs on walks. I wonder with the cold weather for this week if they have gone back into hiding?

    I finally got to this prompt
    Unexpected Travel


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