Measure of a Woman

 adashofsunny  Women are the real architects of Society – International Women’s Day Special 🌹
(An older one reworked a little)


How do you measure
the worth of a woman?

In inches or pounds?
Single or married?
Childless or mommy?
he color of her skin?
The street she lives on.
The size of her house?
Beautiful or plain?
Stay at home or Do you work?
Homo Hetero
Young Old

How about you not measure at all?
How about accepting me just as I am
a little quirky, a little fun,
full of insecurities, loaded with doubts,
and topped off with familial love.

Let it be known,
I am a woman
worth knowing.



4 thoughts on “Measure of a Woman

  1. Whistles!!❤️💘This is absolutely gorgeously penned, Debi 😀 I love the questions which you have raised here.. poignant and fiery… which prove near the end that we women deserve to be loved and respected the way we are! Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support❤️💘

    Lots of love,

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  2. The more civilised we are (if that term can fairly applied to us), the stupider we have become, always wanting to make boundaries, destroy our environment and unwilling to accept and appreciate our differences as though being different is a threat to our existence. We may well be a failed species devastating the Earth and our cohabitants the fauna and flora that we do need to survive…that’s if we want to!

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