Recipe of Kids

imaginary garden Celebrating Children’s Poetry Imagined By


What are little boys made of?
Bugs and slugs and shoulder shrugs
skinned shins from climbing trees
sunburned nose and stubbed big toes
and dreams of sailing the sea.

Make believe, dungarees, discoveries,
spit in your eye and double dare tries.
Bubble gum, playing the drums, crumbs
in the bed, snow sleds, wagon red,
and dreams of allie, allie, all’s in free.

What are little girls made of?
The same darn things.
That’s what little girls are made of.


, s

15 thoughts on “Recipe of Kids

  1. Debi, I really like this a bunch. I had lived most every item on your lines, I’m sure most kids too have or will have experienced most of these. Mine, I know your list isn’t intended to be complete, included marbles, yo-yos, and BB guns. As I neared the bottom I was thinking, “is she going to mention the girls?” You did that in one fell swoop. Tom Boys? I know the kids will enjoy reading it too.


  2. Debi, you have my heart here! What a sweet, touching and playful poem. Yes, my son and daughter both belong to these images — and I imagine years from now I’ll read or write such a poem with wistful memories of their childhood. Lovely! Thanks so much for participating in my prompt. Happy Spring! -Stacie

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