Mountain Mama

Paul Whitener (1911-1959) Blue Ridge Mountains @1950, Watercolor


Towering mountains of blue hue
look down on the hollows and hills
with love and pride, with mother’s eyes.
Nestled in her lap like bairns
the village reclines in her arms.


ImaginaryToads  Artistic Interpretations with Margaret – Small Town Inspiration…

Welcome to Artistic Interpretations!  I am often excited and and often anticipate for months a visit to well known museums such as the Art Institute of Chicago or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but I recently visited The Hickory Museum of Art, a small town in North Carolina not far from where I live, and was reminded what a joy it is to include these gems on my calendar as well.


16 thoughts on “Mountain Mama

  1. Mountains have many roles, Debi, you have found one of the sweetest. My favorite would be as a protectorate of many in the wilds. I also used this picture, to me it seemed incomplete.


    • My daughter-in-law lived in Ala and TX most of her life. She doesn’t like the mountains -feels claustrophobic so this is kind of my answer to her. The mountains make me feel safe and


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